One Million Medical Students Worldwide And A Startup Are Fighting Together Against Misdiagnosis

The worldwide organization of future doctors, the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) SCOME and the EdTech startup InSimu are organizing the 1st online International Diagnostic Championship ever in history - a competition that makes it possible for medical students to compare their clinical knowledge and diagnostic skills to those studying far away from them by solving the same cases in a given timeframe.  

Based on U.S. statistics, 12 million adults are misdiagnosed every year and half of the cases result in severe harm (BMJ Quality and Safety, Volume 23, Issue 9, 2014). The Championship aims to mitigate this problem through education and a competition by raising awareness to the importance of efficient education of clinical diagnostics by encouraging medical students to practice the diagnostic thinking.

The efficient and correct diagnosis also requires teamwork - with nurses, physicians from different departments or even with the patient themselves. Encouraging students to get prepared for real life clinical challenges,  teams of maximum 3 have to diagnose the same virtual patients during the competition in a realistic but safe simulated virtual environment provided by the InSimu Patient app.

IFMSA, founded in 1951, is one of the world’s oldest and largest student-run organization, representing 1.3 million medical students from 127 countries all over the world - this is truly going to be a global event so don’t miss out! IFMSA has a dedicated organ which aims to implement an optimal learning environment for all medical students around the world – the Standing Committee On Medical Education (SCOME).

"SCOME helps medical students attain their optimal professional and personal development. And this Championship is a fun and dynamic way to do so."

Pablo Estrella Director of SCOME at IFMSA

InSimu Diagnostic Competition in Debrecen, Hungary

Students can test whether their knowledge is enough for real-life medicine and test their experience in teamwork, the cooperation what they will need through their whole career as a physician to help the patient heal.

Participating students can make the most out of their medical studies and have the experience of a lifetime with their friends. According to a member of the winning team from a preliminary local competition of the Championship:


Participants of the InSimu Diagnostic Competition in Pécs, Hungary

„I enjoyed the competition very much. On the one hand, I love teamwork, and on the other, I finally felt like I can think as a physician. It was a real verification for me, the 5 years of learning were definitely worth it.”

Réka Lendvai InSimu Competition Winner

Teams can apply for the competition by clicking on the button below by July 13. We will see soon who are the Best Diagnosticians of 2018. Stay tuned!

More info and registration on the official website of the Championship and in the description of the Facebook event.

About InSimu

InSimu is an EdTech startup company developing an educational app for medical students and physicians to improve their diagnostic skills. Giving medical students the possibility to practice their clinical skills on their own - in the safety of virtual reality - with an objective evaluation on their performance, helps achieve faster right diagnoses, the decrease of misdiagnoses and the decrease of unnecessary health expenditure.


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