InSimu Workshop at Semmelweis University 2017 Budapest, Hungary

Last Thursday and Friday the InSimu Team organized an extraordinary seminar for the medical students of Semmelweis University where they could discuss a medical case and diagnosed a virtual patient with the help of InSimu Patient app. It was all interactive and students could order all kinds of medical examinations and check their results to come to a final conclusion. Their enthusiasm was palpable during this brief brainstorming session as they were trying to think together to solve a medical case of viral intestinal infection.

The event took place  in the heart of Budapest at Korányi Frigyes Szakkollégium - one of the five dormitories of Semmelweis University where in addition to getting accommodation, medical students receive professional support and counselling from their peers of senior years, as well as special courses and seminar series organized by them.

This is how InSimu got invited to run an evening workshop in the communal study room of the dorm for some 25 medical students from different academic years, therefore with various levels of medical knowledge and clinical experience, which made teamwork really valuable, enhancing the learning experience for the participants.    

In the framework of the seminar, InSimu Patient app offered them the opportunity to discuss step by step why a chosen pathway might prove to be correct - or just the contrary, why it might be misleading. Students could learn not only from InSimu’s physician presenting the case but from their fellow students as well. As they commented the greatness of the app lies in that it simulates real-life cases and real clinical experience and its user is free to order any diagnostic tests to achieve the final diagnosis - all this enabling them acquiring complex thinking that is so important and essential in modern clinical work.    

We do hope that it was indeed a step further in reinventing medical education!