InSimu Team

The members of the InSimu Team came together to build an app that fills a need in modern medical education.

The need for this app emerged from personal experiences of the team members, who are experienced in medical education themselves as students and young teachers.

It is a general experience that freshly graduated young doctors without sufficient clinical experience are in a difficult, complex decision making situation when it comes to diagnostics of patients. Also, statistics show that 5% of all patient visits result in misdiagnosis even in the United States (BMJ Quality and Safety).

We believe that giving medical students and doctors the possibility to practice their clinical skills on their own - anytime and anywhere in the safety of virtual environment, will help achieve the faster right diagnosis, the decrease of misdiagnoses and the decrease of unnecessary health expenditure.



Creating a simulated learning environment

We want to create a safe, simulated learning environment where students and graduated doctors can improve their diagnostic skills.

Faster correct diagnoses

We want to help students and doctors find the correct diagnosis faster and more cost effectively in real life and thus indirectly we wish to  contribute to the faster recovery of patients.

Fewer misdiagnoses

By strengthening medical professionals' diagnostic skills our goal is to reduce the rate of misdiagnoses.

More efficient health care system

Beyond saving lives directly, training provided by InSimu will also help to reduce unnecessary health expenditure and will bring more accessible health care all around the world.

Why are we

Working on this?

Chief  Executive Officer

"The reason I chose medicine was the help we could offer for people's lives as a doctor. Now I feel that with InSimu Patient we can even multiply this effect since we are creating something that will help students become a better doctor."

Gábor Tóth, MD

graduated as a medical doctor at the University of Debrecen with summa cum laude and Pro Facultate Iuventutis award for extracurricular activities. He was awarded Pro Scientia Gold Medal and Weszprémi Award for his outstanding student scientific work. He was the president of the Hungarian Medical Students' International Relations Committee. He attended medical rotations in 4 countries (USA, France, Austria and Hungary). He has been teaching medical and healthcare students for several years.

Chief Technology Officer

"As lecturer and teacher I've taught medical students for several years I learned myself in what areas students and medical education require help. With our app we encourage and help them to master the complex case-oriented view."

János Vincze, MD

graduated as a medical doctor at the University of Debrecen with summa cum laude and Pro Facultate Iuventutis award. He received Pro Scientia Gold Medal and Weszprémi Award for his outstanding student scientific work. He was president of the Students’ Research Society. He also graduated as a software engineer at the Faculty of Informatics with First Class Honors. He has been teaching medical, healthcare and software engineer students for several years.

Chief Product Officer

"I believe today medicine is the fastest developing field where information technology can create value. As a software developer I see huge potential in how IT could reshape the health care of the future. I believe that a simulation-based educational app being created for medical students and young doctors is a major step in this revolution."

Tamás Katona

graduated from the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Debrecen, receiving National Excellence Scholarship for being top 1% in class. He was awarded 1st prize at the National Conference of Scientific Students' Associations for his bio-informatics research at the Department of Biophysics and Cell Biology. He has been teaching informatics to students for several years now.

Chief Marketing Officer

"Lifelong learning is fundamental today. But thanks to modern technology we have the possibility to do it in an interactive, playful environment, anywhere and anytime we want to. We're working on creating this environment in our app for medical professionals, to inspire them to broaden their knowledge every day."

Andrea Herdon

earned her master's degree in 2016 in Marketing at Corvinus University of Budapest. She had previously graduated in Business Administration and Management. Beyond public student activities (former marketing team leader and president of Students in Community Service - HaKöSz) she gained experience in corporate social responsibility (CSR), in sales and marketing.

Medical Developer

"We are a new generation that was raised at the beginning of the digital era now witnessing digital revolution reshaping healthcare. As a medical doctor I believe that our job is to use our innate knowledge in building a more secure future. At InSimu we are working on a virtual, safe environment to help medical professionals improve their skills, which is definitely a great route in that direction."

Dávid Szalay, MD

graduated as a medical doctor in 2016 at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. He gained experience at adult and pediatric Emergency Departments at major hospitals in Budapest as a pre-med and as an intern. Beyond working for multiple non-profit student organizations and volunteering at Bátortábor Foundation (running therapeutic recreational camps for children living with chronic illnesses) during his studies, he also obtained clinical experience in pediatrics at Heim Pál Children’s Hospital.

Office Manager

“As twenty-first century skills entail the implementation of instruction that allows students to apply course content, take ownership of their learning, use technology meaningfully and collaborate, problem-based learning has been one of the most important recent developments in higher education. Our educational app is just the right choice to fill this need!”

Krisztina Fórián

graduated from the Faculty of Arts, English Language and Literature at the University of Debrecen and later earned a degree at the Budapest Business School in international business specialization. She had previously gained experience as a sales manager at a medical device manufacturer, thus getting insights to the healthcare sector.

3rd prize at Microsoft Imagine Cup World Final 2016