Medical Student Rotations

InSimu Clinics implements a case-based approach, enabling students to test their diagnostic skills through virtual clinical scenarios. In addition, clinicians can fill the gaps between their students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Graduate Medical Education

Real-life patient care requires a different approach than the commonly used MCQs. With InSimu, Program Directors can easily track their residents’ progress and follow whether their diagnosis complies with the appropriate guidelines.

Continuing Medical Education

Identify areas where additional training may be required by using our Objective Evaluation System. InSimu Clinics provides a detailed analysis of the clinical reasoning skills of your practicing physicians and residents in training.

InSimu Clinics is comprised of two main sections:

1. InSimu Patient app - for medical students and physicians
2. Instructor Portal - for instructors

Practice anytime, anywhere
The ultimate case-based learning experience
Thousands of patient encounters
Data-driven training
How it works

A highly sophisticated assessment platform for developing clinical reasoning skills


virtual patients




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Save time with our user-friendly Course Creator

Create your own personalised diagnostic course.

With more than 7,400 virtual patient cases, you'll find the scenarios you need.

Choose from 140+ diseases
Customize scenarios by selecting from over 250+ chief complaints
Option of selecting of the ready-made InSimu diagnostic course templates.
Monitor performance. Guide clinical progression.

Receive Insight from InSimu Analytics

Track diagnostic progress on an individual and group level with statistics such as:

Number of solved clinical cases
Diagnosis accuracy
Cost and time efficiency
Number of missed examinations

Choose from thousands of different scenarios with over 140 disease possibilities in 15 major areas of specialization

140 diseases in 15 specializations
Emergency medicine
Infectious Diseases
Pediatric Cases
The InSimu Clinics Virtual Patient Simulator

Enhanced education with less effort

Presentable cases

Customisable virtual patients with symptoms and diagnostic pathways targeted towards your workshop.

Standardized patients

Assign virtual diagnostic challenges to students and physicians.

Course creator

Select pre-made clinical scenarios, or create your own patient lists.


By providing virtual clinical cases, InSimu creates a safe environment for students to gain confidence in diagnosing real patients.


At the end of each rotation, select virtual patients for the exam. Evaluate your students’ performance through the analytics report.


Receive in-depth analytics of diagnostic performance. Our Instructor Portal provides you with comprehensive statistics on an individual and group level.

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Clinicians currently using InSimu for teaching

“For me, it’s about saving time, simplicity, and good quality material.”

Dr. Arvydas Gelžinis

Vice Dean at Center for Postgraduate Studies
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

“We found the InSimu app to be extremely useful. It was a central component in our virtual clinical experience.”

Professor Ben Taragin

Medical School for International Health, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

“Using the platform, we were able to further develop our curriculum, We are very grateful to InSimu for this opportunity.”

Professor Alain Verstraete

Ghent University

Discover the ways

How you can utilize InSimu Clinics

at your hospital

Present Cases

Find relevant scenarios. Facilitate brainstorming, group discussions and teamwork.

Further Practice

Ensure physicians come prepared, provide customized lists of clinical scenarios.

Assess Skills

Assess residents’ & students’ diagnostic skills in a standardized way. Monitor their performance over time.

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