Improve your clinical reasoning skills. Anytime. Anywhere.

See an infinite number of virtual patients with InSimu and become a better diagnostician.


1. Check the chief complaints

Study the symptoms of your virtual patients, take the medical history. Don't forget that 'A careful history will lead to the diagnosis 80% of the time' (Hampton, BMJ,1975).


2. Order diagnostic tests

Follow the international guidelines and order the necessary diagnostic tests from more than 500 available. Find the evidence-based, optimal diagnostic pathway.


3. Find the correct diagnosis

Based on the test results, choose the correct diagnosis. Learn from the detailed feedback and improve your diagnostic performance.

The most comprehensive Virtual Patient Simulator

for assessing and improving clinical skills

Assess your skills and see how they meet professional standards.
Learn the evidence-based, cost and time-efficient diagnostic pathways.
Focus on what matters and practice in Specialization you need.

Go beyond medical quizzes with InSimu

Infinite number of patients

Just one click, and you'll always get a new patient that you have never seen before.

Open choice diagnostic pathway

It's not a quiz but real clinical reasoning. You can take any directions in the pathway. So it's your decision on your patients.

140+ diseases to practice

With the InSimu app, you can learn and practice the differential diagnostics of 140 diseases. You can get a random patient or choose by symptoms or specialties.

500+ diagnostic tests included

Choose the relevant tests from History, Physical, Laboratory, Imaging and other diagnostic tests.

Measurement of time and cost

Be careful, the clock is ticking. Each test has a realistic time and cost associated. Beyond being evidence-based, you also need to be efficient.

Filtering by specializations

Do you need a little catchup for the Emergency exam? Want to learn more about the differential diagnostics of gastrointestinal diseases? Choose the specialty you want!

Professional feedback

Compare your diagnostic performance to professional standards. Check the correct diagnosis and how efficient you were. See whether you ordered unnecessary or harmful tests, or missed required tests for the diagnosis.

Continuous Reporting System

See yourself improving in time. Check the weekly and yearly reports on your performance. Learn from the feedback to become faster and more efficient in diagnosing your future patients.

Why Students Choose InSimu

The InSimu app gives you more ideas on what exactly you're going to face in real life.

Ace yourclinical exams.

Master your diagnostic skills on more than 140 diseases in 14 Specializations.

Upcoming clinical exam? Just select the Specialization you need and focus on what matters. You'll get only patients with related conditions.

Internal Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Infectious Diseases

Track yourweekly progress.

Check the weekly analytics of your diagnostic performance and learn from the results.

Discover your blind spots to efficiently improve your clinical skills and become a better professional.

Number of solved patients
Your activity in different specializations
Top performed tests
Top unnecessary tests









Involve yourschool.

Organize an InSimu Diagnostic Competition or check the InSimu University Features for Educators.

Diagnostic Competitions

Organize an engaging, educational event where you can compare your clinical skills with your fellow students and learn from each other.

InSimu University

Have InSimu diagnostic courses at your school.

Join the InSimu Ambassador Program

Do you want to make an impact on your school? Join the InSimu Ambassador program and organize your local competition. Help your fellow students to discover new learning methods by organizing workshops.

Meghana Sarabufrom Georgia

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunities you give to medical students. This app is the best for patient exposure and patient diagnosis.”


Erwin Barbozafrom Paraguay

“It has been a great tool to prepare me for clinical case studies, as well as in the medical simulation department, where we had to receive cases and work out a diagnosis and treatment. Some common cases presented to me were already reviewed using InSimu, making my work on evaluation, request for auxiliary diagnostic tests and reaching a final diagnosis much easier.”


David Lendlfrom Czech Republic

“It showed me that I am able to think on the spot and gave me confidence in my knowledge.”

Enjoy the full potential of InSimu.

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Individual School
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  • Unlimited number of patients anytime
  • Access to professional specializations (e.g. Neurology)
  • Feedback on the diagnostic accuracy
  • 400+ diagnostic tests included
  • Random patients
  • Filter by symptoms
  • Feedback on the cost and time efficiency
  • Hint (help during the case)
  • 6 diagnostic modes
  • Detailed Weekly Reports of your performance
  • Display of the correct diagnosis
  • Guided diagnosis

Start your free trial in the iOS or Android app.
  • Unlimited number of patients anytime
  • Access to professional specializations (e.g. Neurology)
  • Feedback on the diagnostic accuracy
  • 400+ diagnostic tests included

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Clinical educational and assessment platform
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