The International Diagnostic Championship is organized the third time jointly by InSimu and the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, representing 1.3 million medical students.

The online competition brings medical students from all over the world together by giving them a chance to compare their clinical knowledge to those studying far away from them. The initiative aims to fight misdiagnoses through education and encourage teamwork and collaboration among future physicians.

In the worldwide medical competition, teams of 2 or 3 medical students will compete in 2 online rounds against each other. The participants will solve the clinical cases of the same virtual patients in a given time frame with the InSimu Patient app.

This year, the Championship has an even greater significance. Both the medical faculties and the medical students had to face huge challenges in the last couple of months because of the school closures due to COVID-19. The in-class and clinical teaching was suspended, students had to study and improve their clinical skills remotely without seeing real patients.

The virtual patients of InSimu support standardized remote clinical training and assessment in many medical schools around the world throughout the semester. But the practice never stops:  in the summer we give space for the game.

We know that the pandemic has put great pressure on medical schools and medical students as well. During the competition and the preparation of that, the fun, entertaining educational activity in the safety of the virtual environment is meant to help the students relieve some stress, connect, work together, and learn from each other. We are happy that in collaboration with IFMSA, we can bring this gamified environment to the students with the InSimu Patient app

– Gabor Toth, MD, CEO at InSimu

The championship was a huge success in the last two years. Last year 213 teams of 104 schools from 49 countries entered the competition.

The best performing teams will be awarded Amazon gift cards and InSimu Premium subscription and the most active school can win a university package of InSimu.

Students can register until August 3 on the website of the Championship: