Have you ever wished to get a second chance to make a good decision? Well, in real-life situations it’s not possible, but the goal of the InSimu Patient app is to provide a safe virtual environment where you can learn from your mistakes.

We truly believe that our mistakes are the best teachers. From now on we give an opportunity for you to change your choice when you’re looking for the correct diagnosis.

We are happy to announce the new feature of the InSimu Patient app: Guided Diagnosis

If you can’t find the Perfect Diagnosis for the first time, you can still continue the diagnostic examination process and try it 2 more times. 

How does Guided Diagnosis work?

1. Try to follow the evidence-based diagnostic pathway as usual.
2. Select the diagnosis that you think correct based on the test results.
3. If if the chosen diagnosis is not correct, you can choose another one.
4. If you need more information, you can order further diagnostic tests or open the test results again.

You will get the chance to reconsider your diagnosis two times if your diagnosis is not perfect. You will earn only half of the XP points.

Let’s take an example

If you have a patient with abdominal pain and you suspect appendicitis you might conclude and choose K35 Acute appendicitis. If the feedback says that it’s not specific enough, with the Guided Diagnosis you have the chance to reevaluate previous test results or order more diagnostic tests to be more specific and accurate which type of appendicitis the patient has.

How can you access the Guided Diagnosis?

Make sure that you have the latest version of the InSimu Patient app. Check it in App Store or Google Play.

When you need guidance to solve a case, you can activate this new feature in the Patient Menu individually for each patient in all Premium Plans.

To open the Patient Menu click on the 3 dots then click on “Activate the guided diagnosis” as it is shown in the image below.

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Any feedback on the new feature?

We’re aways keen on learning more about your experiences. Feel free to contact us at support@insimu.com.