InSimu’s team reformed the way clinical diagnostics can be taught, and now they have received a £250,000 investment from Founders Factory, an accelerator from London. 

InSimu entered an agreement with the investors of Founders Factory. By signing the contract, the medical EdTech startup has joined their six months long accelerator program, in which they have received £250,000 investment. They are going to work together with the educational industry experts of Founders Factory to establish partnerships in medical education.

The goal is to provide a comprehensive virtual patient-based educational platform for medical schools

The goal of InSimu is to enhance the experience of the medical students and doctors by enabling them to practice their diagnostic skills in a safe environment, on an infinite number of virtual patients. Furthermore, they also created a version for medical schools, the InSimu University, to help the institutions make medical studies more practical, competent, and measurable. The InSimu University enables students and professors to work together more effectively by providing special features such as a diagnostic course creator, an examination platform that automatically assesses the students’ diagnostic skills.

About Founders Factory

EdTech is one of the areas that the Founders Factory is specialized in, and it works in collaboration with multiple large organizations such as Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, L’Oreal, or the Guardian. The collaboration agreement between InSimu and Founders Factory was achieved thanks to the foreign market expansion program of Startup Campus. 

„With the EdTech experts of Founders Factory, we are going to continue what we have started with the foreign market expansion program of Startup Campus London. Medical students around the world are already using the InSimu Patient app to boost their studies. The goal of this collaboration is to introduce the objective measurements of diagnostics skills in medical studies and its ongoing improvement with our educational platform in British universities” – said Dr. Gabor Toth, InSimu’s co-founder and CEO.

The next steps for Reinventing Medical Education

At the moment, InSimu is focusing on the United Kingdom. However, it has a global network of partners that are interested in the InSimu application. InSimu’s diagnostics course is spreading from Hungary to other countries, such as Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nepal. 

Recently, InSimu has been accredited a diagnostic course in Continuing Medical Education in the U.S. American physicians can use InSimu’s course to improve their knowledge and receive CME credits. The startup believes in creating a system that enables lifelong learning for doctors. It also believes that it is never too early to discover the beauty of the medical world. Therefore, the company started to collaborate with Explo from the United States. Explo organizes professional summer courses for high school students where youngsters can find out what career appeals to them most by exploring and discovering their skills and talents. This year, the exercises of InSimu Patient were part of the summer school’s medical rounds.